CEO, Russell Bedford International

Stephen Hamlet

As we encounter periods of anticipated change and progression, along with global uncertainty, both politically and economically, it is most important to reach out to the business advisers and experts as your operations look to cross borders. Russell Bedford International prides itself on a long history of quality independent practices, offering their expertise in specialized fields of accounting, taxation and business consultancy.

I joined Russell Bedford as its CEO with an ambition to maintain its quality reputation, yet enhance and advance the network to its next level of development, ensuring our member firms are moving with these changing times and continue to provide the services their clients need. I am delighted to hear these sentiments and ambitions echoed by Russell Bedford firms as I travel to various meetings across all regions throughout the world.

We are proud to have Russell Bedford SBR/KAP Syarief Basir dan Rekan representing our network in Indonesia.

CEO, Russell Bedford SBR

Syarief Basir, CPA, MBA, MAPPI (Cert)

Indonesia is one of the worlds most attractive investment destinations, thanks to its abundant natural resources, highly strategic geo-economic location, and large population. With these advantages, Indonesia can provide not only the abundant supply of raw materials for production activities, but also the marketplace for quality products.

The roles of qualified business consultants that can help business participants to run their business properly and within the applicable rules and regulations have become a necessity for translating these prospective attributes into lucrative investment.

Russell Bedford SBR has answered this opportunity by presenting itself to offer comprehensive professional services ranging from audit and assurance services to business consultation. The experience of rendering such services with utmost professionalism to both domestic and international clients since its establishment in 1993 is among the qualifications that will contribute to its clients achievement of success in the business arena.